Commercial Claims

Our mutual goals are the quick and fair settlement of your claim. Early reporting of claims and other incidents makes this possible. Protecting your coverage is also important. While all policies require prompt reporting of incidents, liability policies are especially sensitive to this issue. The insurers are entitled to notification so they have an opportunity to mitigate the costs. If the insurer is denied this opportunity by lack of notification, you could encounter unprotected costs arising from the delay.

Many types of losses, such as routine automobile, general liability, and workers' compensation claims, benefit with faster and more accurate settlements when reported directly to the carrier. With direct reporting, you make fewer phone calls and receive the fastest possible response. If you are already reporting claims directly to your carrier, we want to encourage you to continue. If you are not reporting claims directly, we want to suggest that you consider doing so to gain the benefits of direct reporting for these claims.

More serious claims, especially those involving major property loss, serious injuries or deaths, claims in litigation, or claims involving specialty coverages (e.g., crime) are where RGIA's assistance and advocacy become critical. In these events, contact your Redmond General service representative or agent so we can address your needs immediately.

Our staff at Redmond General Insurance Agency is committed to ensuring you receive unparalleled claims assistance from your insurance carrier. Efficient and effective claims resolution is an important element in achieving our service goal to you.

We represent a number of different insurance companies; some will accept your claim report directly while others insist upon receiving the report through our offices. Often your policy will contain specific reporting instructions and phone numbers some carriers even offer 24/7 claims reporting. 

Important Notice:  Review your policy with your agent for personalized information.  Not every policy will include every coverage as described on this site in addition policies differ State to State and between companies.

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