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Dave Wedin and his team are equipped to handle your group, personal life and many other specialty insurance needs.  Rising costs, increasing complexity and rapid level of change make it important for you to have a professional service agency.

Employee Benefits

Choosing a benefit package has become complex and expensive.  The conflicting goals of keeping quality coverage and maintaining costs is never easy.  Finding and retaining a Health Insurance expert is an invaluable resource should a problem arise.  Please contact our team to learn more about our Employee Benefits Department at 425-885-2283.


Life Insurance

We represent competitively priced and highly rated life insurance companies.  For both individuals or as part of an employee benefit program.  We can help you find the right insurance company for you.


Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is probably not something most people think about when packing for a vacation.  While on international vacations your regular health insurance may cover many expenses but some expenses will not be covered by all plans.  For example international health evacuations are not usually covered by regular health plans.

If you are going to travel abroad it might be a good idea for you to inquire with RGIA about a Travel Insurance policy.

Here is a link to a recent article by the New York Times on the Value of Travel Insurance

Important Notice:  Review your policy with your agent for personalized information.  Not every policy will include every coverage as described on this site in addition policies differ State to State and between companies.

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